Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Denmark Graffiti Pt. 1

Went to Denmark last week for a wedding and managed to get a few snaps off graff out there. Copenhagen has a  really grimey scene; lots of tags, dubs etc. Really enjoyed checking out a town that doesn't have any CCTV. This first post is dedicated to Christiania...if you ever go to CPH, go there. It is possibly one of the most bizarre places I have ever been to. It's a hippie commune in the centre of the town, selling Hash & Skunk openly, skateparks, a lake and plenty of graff (especially charcters smoking spliffs!) Its a teenagers paradise and I wish I had grown up here! 

Props to Rami & Emil for letting me crash at their pad! Wu-Tang posters on the walls and ganja growing on the balcony......a perfect getaway!

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