Friday, November 16, 2007

Gunslinger Girl

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There was tie between Gunslinger girl and Texhnolyze so I have decided to review Gunslinger girl first and then Texhnolyze. There is a good reason for this order because I intend to review the other anime in the same genre as Texhnolyze. Now just to let everyone know I will be reviewing all the anime I put on the list in due time.
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Gunslinger girl was adapted into a 13 episode anime from the original (on going) manga by Yu Aida. This anime was directed by Morio Asaka who is known for directing anime from the female perspective. Gunslinger girl is set in modern-day Italy and follows a new and very secret government agency called the Social Welfare Agency. The girls that are selected to work for the agency, are picked out by a handler (male) then given new names, reconditioned and the majority of their body parts are replaced with cybernetic implants. The handler is responsible for the performance of his charge and can use whatever means he likes, one of the elements to the girls training is brainwashing also called conditioning, and the handler can use as much as he deems fit. This pair is called a fratello which is Italian for brother.

The girls are devoted to their handlers and are willing to die for them. Gunslinger girl touches on the morality of what the agency is doing to these girls. In other words is national security more important then the lives of a few girls. The anime also shows that even though these girls have been turned into cyborg killing machines they are still little girls that only want acceptance and love from their handlers.

I liked this anime although I thought the ending was left open, but the overall story line and animation was very good. Gunslinger girl is on the violent side but if you’re only looking for blood and guts then this is not going to be for you. If you want an anime that makes you think about morality and if the end justifies the means then you will like this anime. And if you’re only in it if the good character designs then this won’t disappoint as the animators have taken the time and effort to draw the guns used in this anime very accurately.
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Selph said...

Sounds really interesting...I'm gonna have to check this anime out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Selph here, cyber killing machine-girls with some morals? Sounds like the perfect night in!

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