Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition

Toy Label Crazy label (who is currently sponsoring our Tamo Comp) have teamed up with a lad named Metin Seven, owner of the Dutch visual production company Seven's Heaven to make a USB lamp version of his famous character Seamour the Sheep. The plug naturally comes out of Seamour's ass. Conceptually though, a very cool idea for a more functional type collectible toy. I personally hope to see more of this kind of toy in the future.
Seamour began his life as a 3D funny comic strip that appeared on Flickr with an annoying Mole called Marty that keeps him company on his travels around the meadows of Scotland.

Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition is available for PRE-ORDER on 11/15/07, due to limited human resources orders will be shipped in first-come-first-serve basis starting from 11/19/07 Monday. Pre-Order HERE.

See more of Seamour and his comic strips HERE and HERE.

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