Thursday, November 15, 2007

PHESP Review (Start with A exhibition)

PHESP Review

(Start With A exhibition)
Last month saw some cool art coming out of Hong Kong (HK) including the Start From A joint exhibition featuring art in the Too Art Gallery from Ta&Vi from GraphicAirlines (GAL), Beverley Cheng, KS and Vivian Poon. ESPV was there to catch up with the peeps.
KS and GA are also a part of the HK art collective ST/ART ( and links to their websites can be found in our blog’s banners on the left.

Art by KS

Art by Tat (GAL)

Art by Vi (GAL)

Tat & Vi from GAL

Art by Vivian Poon

Art by Beverley Cheng

ST/ART HK and friends

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