Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PHESP Review Hitman Xbox360

PHESP Review

(Hitman – Xbox360 - 2007)
Earlier this year EDIOS released the latest Hitman game titled Blood Money (BM). Staring everyone’s favorite cloned assassin, Forty Seven (47), BM blew the previous Hitman games out of the bath tub in a big way.

Later this year, after an amazing 7 year run with the Hitman game series, the film adaptation will be released (oh yes!) on the big screen. The film is directed by Xavier Gens, stars Timothy Olyphant and the script is written by Skip Woods. Hitman the movie is scheduled for release on November 21, 2007.

Loyal fans will know that the Hitman game series stands out as being one of the most genius 3rd person action-strategy games on the market. ESPV finished BM on Xbox360 in about 3 weeks of casual gaming on ‘Normal’ mode, and it was a challenging but fulfilling ride. We did resort to online hints and walk-throughs at times to stop us from going mental but in the end our basic assassin skills were enough to finish the game. Although this game is not a multiplayer, it’s an awesome one player game to immerse yourself in for days.
The thing that makes the game so unique is that players can choose how much of a real assassin they want to be. As usual with games these days, it’s the degree of freedom, opportunity and choice that separate the try-hards from the die-hards. For example in BM, if you walk into a restaurant and pull out your customized MP5’s to blow your target away in a bloody scene killing by-standers and all, you will complete your mission but be ranked as a try-hard ‘thug’. But it’s pretty fun none the less. If however, you choose to sneak in the back sedate one of the kitchen staff, steal their uniform, sneak into the kitchen and poison your targets soup before escaping through the laundry shoot unseen and unheard… you’ll receive the top ‘silent assassin’ rank and receive bonuses, bla, bla… It’s up to you.

Each level is huge and there is at least 10 different ways to take out your target using whatever weapons you feel like. How creative you want to be is up to you. Either way if your plans go wrong then most people resort to gunning down everything in sight and then fleeing the scene. After watching the trailer for the up-and-coming movie, it’s clear they have kept some storyline and features from the games and books, although as always Hollywood seem to have spoiled everything by adding ‘the girl’ element which seems to have fucked everything up in a big way and completely misses the original point of 47 being a ruthless killer. Nice one Hollywood. Another sweet fiction story ruined. You guys are on a roll. Stay away from the Thunder Cats you fools!

It’s worth checking out the cool animation shorts on the edios website which are trailers for the movie. Other info check:
www.hitmanmovie.com, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_47, amazon.com and xbox.com

(Pssssst – stay tuned for more PHESP Xbox360 game reviews including – Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed, Conan, Ace Combat 4, and more!)


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of this game and realy enjoyed playng it on my PC as well as PS2. I think you have done the game justice with your review and I agree with pretty much everything you mentioned.

Illinois Mike

Selph said...

It sounds like a really juicy game. I think I'm gonn have to get it for PC and do me some silent kiling....mou haha

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