Monday, November 12, 2007

Scary Clown

Click on the image above to see a seriously un-funny clown.
Gives me the shivers looking at this image. But at the same time, it's also kinda hypnotising.

Found from HERE.


Unknown said...

you must either be too young or not from the US XD

that's the scary clown from a made for TV movie version of Stephen King's "It". Not bad as far as the movies made from his books go. It played on TV when I was a kid and scared the crap out of us, until the end, which was a let down.

Anonymous said...

yup, old Pennywise the clown from the drains that gives you a nice balloon before ripping your arms off... watching King's 'IT' was truely freaky but not as freaky as the book which is soooo long.


Selph said...

Hi Ninjascience, thanks for the heads up! I am guessing that it's cos I'm not from the US..hehe

Stupid thing is, I have actually seen "It" but it slipped my mind as to what Pennywise looked like! Thanks for the reminder lesson in scary clowns!

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