Monday, December 03, 2007

Cyborg Advances

Remember those awesome armored robot "suits" in Matrix Revolutions? Well...this could well be the early stages in the development of these types of cyborg suits! This one, in the video clip above, is designed to "give" the wearer increased strength, allowing them to lift greater weights than possible with the normal human body. (Can't wait for the cyborg version of Worlds Strongest Man...they'll be lifting buildings and dragging oil tankers I imagine!)

The potential commercial use of these cyborg suits is infinite and I'm sure that once they are proved useful and economically viable, we'll see many more companies developing products along the same line. the time I'm 60 (about 30 years from now), I should have no problem changing that spare wheel on my car!... if we're not all flying spacecraft by then that is!

If you've seen an interesting article or video on cyborg technology, and would like to share it with our ESPV readers, please post the link in with your comment and we'll do our best to give it a feature! cyborg suit is re-charged! Time to take care of that skip outside my house once and for all!

Original Video found on Youtube by CYBERPUNKREVIEW

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Selph said...

Good to see you back in the loop mate! McFarlane Toys made a wicked 12" version of those bio-suited mechs that are in the final showdown finale. A serious must have for the collection.

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