Monday, December 17, 2007

XMAS Madness!

Big sorry for the lack of updates from last week but it's been a mad build-up for the XMAS period with the whole ESP crew working on and trying to finish off side-projects before the year ends.....
Dkoda has jst finished some amazing club visuals for Cafe 1001's crazy 24hour XMAS parties, I have had to sort out a new booker for the cafe and make sure he knows what he's doing (as well as customising a Teddy Troop, getting Interviewed for it on Toysrevil's blog and attending four great art shows!). PHilfy is about to go to Australia for XMAS, Irie is working hard on a new look for UKAdapta, Tai has just started a new job and the rest of the team have also informed me that they have been too busy to post as well! Pheeew!

Open Studio Pics From Here.
Alternativity Pics From Here.
Permission To Paint Pics From Here.
Evolving Styles Pics From Here.

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