Monday, December 03, 2007

Ma.K Update

I originally posted about Maschinen Krieger back in September and since then have been trawling through Jason Eaton's comprehensive guide to this fabulous brand of mech's and bio-suited soldiers. So without further ado, I give you Jason's very own WESPE model with storyline to match (this guy is so deep in his own Ma.K world!!)

This is the gospel according to Jason (p.s. any toy with ESP in its name has to be good!)

"Only a handful are known to exist, cobbled together from damaged components by a poorly-equipped Strahl garrison located in a trpoical region. It is a heavily modified Kröte, outfitted with an obscenely powerful ramjet scavenged from a cargo transport, Neuspotter antigrav units to help offset the considerable weight, and reinforced legs that withstand the hard landings incurred in the ramjet jumps. Four missile tubes provide defense, and sensor antennas provide data and telemetry.

It was designed to overcome some of the thick impenetrable terrain in it's muddied tropical region, and has the ability to quickly launch itself high into the air, fire on it's target, and land safely out of range. It's swiftness has taken the Mercenary forces by surprise on more than one occasion, as it looks rather clunky.

"The easiest way to construct A safs 'Skinhead' as of this writing would be to use a Nitto AFS, PKA, and some various detail parts - modify a Fireball tank and use a 1/72nd Apache Helicopter nose for the front sighting mechanism."

See what I mean? He is HARDCORE!

See all his amazing custom and official collection HERE.

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