Tuesday, December 04, 2007

In Your Face!!! WD-2 robot-face Morphs to look like yours!

This robot has serious identity issues! Phenomenal engineering and robotics makes the WD-2 a very advanced machine, capable of morphing it's facial features within a matter of seconds to recreate the face of someone else!

And as if that wasn't freaky enough...you can even project your face onto the mask...check the dudes out in the video...that's an image projected onto the robots face....which has morphed into the same shape as yours!

This is normally when I go off on some spiel about the Matrix and the future...but this is very much in the present day! Though it's hard to see a practical use of this feature in the commercial sense, I can see it's use for more sinister applications with ease(Hitman Codename 47 anyone?)....but I don't want to reveal them in case I end up like John Connor in the Terminator triggering some outrageous set of events leading to the destruction of the human race by the very machines created to make life a little easier..not to throw it away and complicate things like I just have in this ridiculously long paragraph!

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