Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Insa's Whole Car

I forgot to mention earlier that we had the honour of hanging out with Insa whilst he painted the last touches to his amazing high-heeled tube train! For those of you know who aren't familiar with this famous east-end of London landmark...These are decommissioned tube trains (Jubilee Line trains for any railway connoisseurs) that sit on the top of a four storey building. They have been converted inside to act as offices for those lucky enough to have the hook-ups!

This is what the roof first looked like 9 months ago.

I'm not allowed to show you what it looks like now as "Gone" (our good friend and incredible artist) who was one of the first to move in keeps it top secret. So for now, all you can see is the potential of the place.....trust me, it's the best office I have ever smoked in....I mean...been to.

The Insa Pics are from Irieman's collection.

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